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Noise Wars: Caledonia Directs Nightclub Anger at Pizza Place

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The problem with living in fancy condos right on the High Line is that you're also living in West Chelsea, late-night playground of the rich and famous?and New Jersey. This paradox has already made buyers at The Caledonia want to kick the crap out of neighboring 17th Street night club 1Oak. The club, in turn, is fighting back with a $2 million defamation lawsuit. Now looking for someone new to bully, Eater reports that the Caledonia has set its sights on Artichoke. Yes, the infuriating albeit delicious 14th Street slice joint is looking to open a sit-down restaurant at 457 West 17th Street in the old Red Rock West Saloon space. One would think neighbors would enjoy a switch from a bar to a pizza place, but Artichoke's new partners include some heavy hitters in the nightlife world. Uh-oh.

Here's Eater's report from last night's Community Board 4 meeting:

While many, many people spoke in support of the license—including owners of local businesses, neighborhood residents, and neighbors of the 14th St. location—ultimately the concern voiced by the management of the Caledonia apartments across the street, and the residents of 457 W. 17th street, directly above the space, was enough to sway the board to reject the gang's proposal for a liquor license. As it stands, the neighbors say they are already being driven crazy from the noise at 1Oak, and no matter how hard Team Artichoke tried to soften the image of the proposed space (at one point Tepperberg described it as a “chic modern Italian restaurant and Pizzeria offering lunch and brunch -- not a two or three star establishment, but nice”) it was pretty clear that with a full license, the new Artichoke would be the perfect boozy, end of the night destination for much of the Chelsea/Meatpacking nightlife crowd. They, of course still have a chance to win over the full board and later, the State Liquor Authority.

Maybe the SLA will check out the 14th Street original for research purposes. And when they're forced to wait 30 minutes for a slice, they'll no doubt deny the license.
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