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Board to Death: Co-Op Ends Cancer Patient's Lease

We collect stories of co-op board craziness like other people collect photos of cats in human clothes. One such tale o' insanity came our way this morning. The board of an Upper East Side co-op voted in June to terminate a former board member's lease for objectionable conduct. Among his (alleged) offenses: installing a washing machine and dryer without permission, yelling profanity at other board members, inviting women over to dance in high heels at night so as to "terrorize" the librarian downstairs, and nearly running over another resident on purpose. Just your standard UES co-op dust-up. Except! The former board member has Stage 4 cancer, and in addition to wanting his apartment back, he's suing for $5 million for emotional distress. His ex-board colleagues, he says, kicked him off the board and harassed him. Oh, and they don't follow the building's subletting policies, either.
· Upper East Side Co-Op Board Terminates Dying Owner [BrickUnderground]