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Brownstone East Village Finally Opens Up

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Can you believe it's already Thursday and we're only just now getting to New York mag's Home Design Fall '09 issue? Apologies to all, but would you look at what's on the cover? We'll wait while you go and fetch a copy one. OK. Holy crap, it's the Brownstone East Village! We missed ya, buddy!

A Curbed obsession of yore, the BrownstoneEV is the 16-foot-wide wreck at 14th Street that was turned into a four-unit boutique condo. The big idea from architect Bill Peterson was giving the parlor-floor apartment (reserved for himself) a garage-door-like opening. The facade rolls up and in to give the apartment open-air access to, um, 14th Street.

The penthouse was taken by the developer and the other two apartments took forever to sell, but now that its troubles are in the past, the Brownstone East Village is the star of the magazine's package on gut renovations, including a very cool before-and-after slideshow. It's too bad the way New York shot the place?with the facade peeled back and light glowing through the pattern cut into the base?is the only time the building has actually looked like that. C'mon Peterson, why don't you share your dollhouse more often?
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