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On the Market: Jude Law's Sinful Village Hideaway

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We've long been fascinated with the Novare, the old church near Washington Square Park that architects FLAnk carved into luxury apartments ("Thy Condo Come") in the midst of the real estate boom. Luckily, Jennifer Gould Keil reports that Jude Law has been renting the penthouse that doesn't belong to Little Steven while he's in town doing Broadway, giving us an excuse to run some Novare real estate porn. (We hate saying "porn" when talking about a former house of worship but we're making an exception.) The 3BR, 2.5BA, 3,500-square-foot duplex in the West 4th Street building is also on the market for $7.8 million. It was purchased by rich dude Mark Kress?who's trying to cut back a bit?for $5.96 million in 2007 and was first listed for resale for $8.5 million. Covet not thy neighbor's private terrace, but we live nowhere near the place so does that make it OK?

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