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Manhattan Landlord Temporarily Bans One-Year Leases

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A tipster wrote in recently to let us know that Sky Management, owner of many Manhattan apartment buildings, is somewhat curiously no longer offering year-long leases. Rent now and you'll have to be out of the company's hair between April and August, or re-up on a new lease. What is the cause of such madness? We gave the folks at Sky Management a call, and unfortunately there wasn't much controversy to be had. Turns out they do this every year because they have more success re-renting apartments in the fall. Boring! Here are a few less humdrum reasons for the brief ban on year-long leases (they come back in September), all of which we just made up.

1) Sky Management's in-house psychic, the medium through which they make all their decisions, has predicted a sudden rebound in the rental market starting in September.
2) The options for tenant icebreakers in the autumn are much more fun and spirit-building. Next year: Carve a landlord-o-lantern!
3) Sky has picked up chatter on a crippling international ink shortage next winter, and they want to have all their leases signed beforehand instead of rolling the dice with the always dreaded "digital signatures."
4) Paying for tenants' heat and hot water is the best part about owning a building, so they'd rather have tenants move in just for the coldest part of the year.
5) The summer rental season is filled with rowdy and annoying students and post-grads and Sky would rather not deal with calls from angry tenants over the beer poing tournament going on upstairs. OK, so this one might be true.
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