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Curbed Hamptons: Kimora's House, Backyard Cannon

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The latest headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End...

1) Bling purveyor and fab lane resident Kimora Lee has put her Country Lane home on the market for $800,000. She bought it for $690,000 in 2003. If that property is a little too small-time, Kimora and ex-hubby Russell Simmons' Saddle River, NJ, home is also available for nearly $20 million.

2) A homeowner who wants an upgrade is trying to give away his East End house. It's a 2,000-square-foot, 1920s Sears kit house, and Habitat for Humanity wants no part of it. Any takers? Land not included.

3) Another option for the prospective Hamptons buyer is 66 Seafield Lane in Westhampton Beach, where there are water views from 22 of 24 rooms. The best feature of the $29 million house, though, is the backyard cannon, which comes complete with dragon's head.
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