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Soho Storefront Going Modern on West Broadway

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A new face of glass is going up at 454 West Broadway, replacing the homely and hard to miss Home Design and Decorating Center that for way too many years screamed out to those sauntering through Soho. With the impending designation of an expanded Soho Cast Iron Historic District this could be the last bit of modernism to land amidst the bricks and metal of older buildings nearby.

Slotted between the sleekly silver front of Philosophy and the wide screen face of the Billionaire Boys Club, the steel-framed design by architect Jeffrey McKean will complete a nearly seamless spread of big glass on this stretch of spendy retail. No doubt some adventurous purveyor of goods will grab this spot, but so far no there are no takers. Meanwhile, just across West Broadway another new-ish place is getting fitted out for a pricey-looking pedi-palace.
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