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Arrested Development: Collect 'Em All!

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Though the credit crunch ended the building boom with so much still left on the boards, starchitecture fans don't have to go away empty-handed. Unica Home is selling architectural souvenirs of some of the world's most ambitious stalled skyscrapers, including Tribeca's very own 56 Leonard Street?Herzog & de Meuron's Jenga tower. Created by Boym Studio, the mini-towers cost $84 each. But is 56 Leonard really worth it?

While a nice effort, we're just not seeing the size and level of detail really needed to convey the 800 feet of glassitude that 56 Leonard was supposed to be. In fact, ours is totally better:

That's right, Curbed HQ has its very own 56 Leonard model, complete with 58 unique removable plastic pieces. Assemble your own! It also has a little likeness of artist Anish Kapoor's sidewalk sculpture planned for the site. So buy the $84 version if you must, but remember: Our starchitecture is bigger than yours.
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56 Leonard St

56 Leonard Street, Manhattan, NY 10013