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Celebrity Sellers Have Better Week Than The Rest of Us

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Forget market reports! Here are the green shoots we've all been waiting for: celebrity sales! After two years and some sizeable PriceChops, supermodel Gisele Bundchen has finally sold her triplex penthouse at 374 West 11th Street. It first hit the market at $10.9 million, but the final listing price was an airbrushed -- 'scuse us, slimmed-down -- $4.5 million. Gisele's still trying to unload that nearby $13.95 million townhouse, but at least she and Tom can get the baby's college fund started.

Gisele wasn't the only celeb to meet Lady Luck at her open house this week. Whoopi Goldberg has also gone into contract to sell her Wooster Street loft, which was pricetagged at $3.995 million. Now that things are getting moving again, which celeb will be next to sell? Our money's on Julianne Moore. Or there's always the mystery woman.
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