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The Battle of Washington Square Park: Phase II Begins

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The on-going expansion of NYU renovation of Washington Square Park, where fences went up earlier this week, is now in full swing. Facing off in an initial skirmish is the venerable Giuseppe Garibaldi, who has stood in the Park since 1888, and an impressive representative from winning demolition bidder Tucci Equipment, replete with an excavator-mounted hydraulic jackhammer.

The monstrous machine instigated a stealth attack in the opening moments of the second phase of the park's transformation, laying waste to the ever-popular Teen Plaza and leaving in its wake chunks of crushed concrete and wrenched ribs of rebar. No doubt the Tucci machine will be kinder to old Garibaldi, who will eventually be moved to a spot a bit to the north in an enlarged plaza named for the Italian hero. Has the renovation backlash been quelled by the warm welcome given to the first renovated section of the park to reopen, or have the endless skirmishes left everyone with a bit of battle fatigue? Or maybe all the protesters are stuck at the chiropractor's office?
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