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CurbedWire: Foam Flurries in Burg, 1BBP Sales Update

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WILLIAMSBURG?Normally when we see a pile of white substances gathered on a Williamsburg sidewalk, we assume it's either (A) cocaine, or if that fails the sniff test, (B) snow. But this is neither! A reader writes: "Woke up this morning to snow flurries in our back window. We later learned this phenomenon was not weather related but coming from a neighbor down the street who is resurfacing the exterior of his building with EIFS. This is the second time this year that someone on our block has used this material - the first time carelessness in controlling the white styrofoam flakes from the material resulted in a clogged basement drain next door which in turn resulted in our basement flooding." The rant continues after the jump.

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS?With construction on Brooklyn Bridge Park humming along (Pier 6 is supposed to open in a few months), One Brooklyn Bridge Park is trying to get a bit of attention following some recent PriceChops and giveaways. Some chest-pounding from today's press release: "In less than one month, the building has signed 12 new contracts and eight contracts out." [CurbedWire Inbox]

Our aggravated Williamsburger continues:

This morning the workers began work and foam pellets were beginning to collect on our block. This afternoon by 4pm we were seeing the styrofoam as far as 6 blocks away from the construction site. In my opinion this material should be banned in NYC (or everywhere) as it causes significant debris collection everywhere and is a tremendous nuisance to surrounding residents, let alone the environmental concerns. It really isn't the contractor's fault because when they're sanding the styrofoam backing it creates the pellets which are impossible to control. Anyone have any thoughts on this? or anyone know of any petition or movement against this?Yes, if everyone could please share their thoughts on styrofoam we'd be very grateful. [CurbedWire Inbox]

One Brooklyn Bridge Park

360 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY