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Architectural Craziness: Kazakhstan Gets Pat on the Back

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Much to our surprise, Dubai has yet to crumble apart into a billion little pieces and blow away in the desert breeze. In fact, the annual Cityscape Dubai Conference?ground zero for the emirate's most unbridled real estate excesses during the boom?just wrapped up! During the frothy days, a typical day at Cityscape usually went like this: New biggest skyscraper in the world announced. Sells out. Units flipped several times over. Break for lunch. New NEW biggest skyscraper in the world announced. Repeat. Those days are probably gone, but the conference is still handing out awards for zany architecture, and for this we are truly grateful.

Above is Kazakhstan's Astana National Library, your new Cityscape Dubai Architectural Award winner! (Community category!) Designed by Dutch crazies BIG, the National Library just broke ground, according to a press release. And listen up, all you out of work architects: BIG is looking for a Russian-speaking project manager to guide this beast. Can you believe we made it this far without a Borat joke? That's how blown our minds are! Here's the current site, in all its Kazakh splendor:

· 2009 Winners [Cityscape Dubai]
· BIG [; Ed. note?Ha!]