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Curbed House Call: State of Starckitecture at 15 Broad

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When we drift off on slow Monday afternoons, our daydreams often feature that symbol of boomtime extravagance, the bowling alley at Philippe Starck's 15 Broad Street. We imagine bowling strikes while the units above us all simultaneously plunge in price. (Sometimes, for variety, we venture to the squash court.) Nothing too ca-razy has happened at the Downtown Insanity Palace lately, but we decided to validate our fantasies by checking in on the building anyway. Herewith, the first Curbed House Call, an occasional feature in which we'll check out what's selling (or not) in some notable buildings.
According to StreetEasy, two units are in contract at 15 Broad, with last asks of $1.999 million and $800,000, which doesn't really give the full flavor of the 46 units still for sale and 35 available for rent. The most expensive will set you back $22.5 million. The newest apartment hit market on Friday, asking the comparatively pocket-change price of $4.95 million. The Chopper also descended this weekend on apartment 1600, a one-bedroom -- with conversion potential! -- now available for $1.25 million. (It last sold in July '06 for $896,317.) For a more adrenaline-feuled sales experience, apartment 3220 will be sold at auction through Bid on the City November 17. Suggested starting bid: $1.799 million. Buy now, host Thanksgiving and bowl off all calories!
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15 Broad Street

15 Broad St, New York, NY 10005