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Williamsburg Short Sale Up for Grabs at Northside Piers

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Short sales, which hit South Williamsburg's Schaefer Landing in March, have finally drifted up the waterfront. Ladies and gents, we have what appears to be the first Northside Piers short sale! The one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit will run ya $399,000, "absolutely the best value in Williamsburg!" in a building "chock full of valuable amenities," if you go by the brokerbabble. Looks like the unit last sold in June '08 for $477,990 and came up for resale this past June for $479,000. It's the cheapest pad on offer right now in the Toll Bros' building, according to the StreetEasy listings, but will that be enough to get it sold?
· Listing: 4 North Fifth Street [Corcoran]
· 4 North 5th Street #15A [StreetEasy]
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Northside Piers

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