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It Happened One Weekend: Madoff Sold, Madonna Harassed!

1) And in the end, location location location trumped scandal scandal scandal. The all-cash deal for Bernie Madoff's Montauk beach house closed, meaning the price has finally been revealed. We've known it sold above the $8.75 million asking price, and kaboom: It sold for $9.41 million to an unnamed buyer. The four-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot house is kind of fugly, but you can't get much closer to the ocean. The money goes to a fund for defrauded Madoff investors. Relive the listing photos magic over at CHamptons. [CNN Money]

2) While Madonna renovates her Upper East Side mansion, her neighbors in Central Park West's Harperley Hall are getting their last licks in. Madonna previously defeated the co-op board in her effort to acquire a third apartment in the building, and now a neighbor has filed a suit alleging unholy amounts of "pounding noise and vibration" coming from Madonna's triplex. But it's not why you think?it's because of dancing! Or something. Anyway, the neighbor wants damages and for Madonna to shut the hell up, which she will, once she moves across the park. [NYDN]

3) Much like Swine Flu, "interborough dating has become more common." Young people are no longer bunched up in the East Village, but rather pushed to the limits of town thanks to rising real estate prices, gentrification, etc. You can read about the struggles of "long-distance" interborough dating in this story, but yeesh, whatever happened to, "All you need is love?" #whitewhine. ['When Love Is a Schlep']

4) Luxury developers in New Jersey stung by Wall Street execs no longer looking to drop $3 million on homes across the river are targeting a new demo: professional athletes! The new W Hotel in Hoboken (which has condos on top floors) even held an open house for football players. Will they buy? Well, Eli Manning and ex-QB Jesse Palmer both live in the Toll Brothers' Hudson Tea building in Hoboken. [In the Region/New Jersey: 'Pitching to Professional Athletes']

5) Russian ballet superstar Alexei Ratmansky paid $1.1 million for a condo at Gramercy by Starck, but when it was time to move his family in, the former tenant hadn't moved out. So his broker, Kevin B. Brown of Sotheby's, put the Ratmansky clan up in his Northside Piers apartment in Williamsburg and catered to their every whim until the Gramercy pad was ready. Related: If you found out your broker bought at Northside Piers, would that change your opinion of him? Guess it depends on whether the purchase was pre- or post-massacre. [Big Deal/'But Does He Do Laundry?']

6) A Brooklyn couple with a kid, a dog and one on the way (kid, not dog) go looking for a family pad priced around $675,000 in Park Slope, and quickly realize
that won't get them much. So they broaden their horizons: "We saw many brand-new condos going up in terrible neighborhoods and didn't want to raise a family there." A friend drags them to Bay Ridge (they didn't know where it was), and they find a big new condo with a parking spot for $640,000 in the land of single-family homes. The hour commute to Manhattan sucks, but at least they get a lot of reading done. (You can take the couple out of Park Slope...) [The Hunt/'New Home, New Addition']

Northside Piers

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