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CurbedWire: EVill Cemetery Takeover, Red Hook Film Fest

EAST VILLAGE?Downtown nostalgists, fear not, the historic New York Marble Cemetery (the 41 1/2 Second Avenue one, not the East Village's other historic marble cemetary) is not being turned into a dumping ground. The signage is from artist Sharon Hayes, part of a work called YARD. It's on display through the weekend. Another intense art shot after the jump. [CurbedWire Inbox]

RED HOOK?We have a fairly strict no-events policy here at the CurbedWire, but we're breaking it for the second time today to point out that the annual Red Hook Film Festival?taking place this weekend at 499 Van Brunt Street?is dedicated to the late Robert Guskind, our former co-worker and great friend. Among a number free screenings will be a short film titled Robert Guskind: 1958-2009. There will be pie. [CurbedWire Inbox]