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Trump Soho Leaves Trail of Breadcrumbs to Opening Date

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Just as we were despairing of ever getting any new intel on Trump Soho, we find out about Trump Soho Hotel Countdown!, which invites us to "follow Ivanka Trump & the Countdown to the Biggest Hotel Opening in NYC" in "early 2010." The site includes no actual countdown clock, but it is chock full of other things to occupy us while we figure out how many days there are between now and early 2010. There's a tweet-to-Ivanka box and, for a lucky few, a contest to meet her once she's done with the hotel's punch list.

Even better, HotelChatter read the contest fine print and uncovered...clues to the hotel's opening date! The prize: "12 winners along with a guest will receive a weekend getaway at Trump SoHo....VIP invitation for the winners and a guest to a Trump SoHo New York opening reception hosted by Ivanka Trump on Friday, February 19, 2010."

Post your own countdown widgets in the comments!
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Trump Soho

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