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Penthouse Bonanza Cont'd: Dolce Doubles Up at 200 Eleventh

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It was rumored long ago that fashion icon Domenico Dolce was purchasing a penthouse at architect Annabelle Selldorf's 200 Eleventh Avenue, aka Sky Garage. It was rumored more recently that maybe he wasn't. Both were wrong. Dolce just bought two penthouses in the new metallic West Chelsea tower, for a combined $29 million. That's a total of 7,336 square feet of glorious space from which to gaze out over the Hudson River, about 1,000 square feet more than the Superior Ink penthouse that sold this week for $25 million and got immediately relisted for $39.5 million. Super luxury real estate, it seems, is back with a vengeance. Your move, Chupi.
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200 11th Avenue

200 11th Avenue, New York, New York