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Curbed's Abbreviated Guide to Open House New York

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A quick note about the Open House New York schedule, now live online (OHNY is Oct. 10-11). No offense to the cemeteries, churches and landmarks on the list, but there are a number of sites with recent Curbed relevance that will be open for exploring and we wanted to shout them out (reservations are often required, so act fact!). In Manhattan, The Standard, Smyth Tribeca, Riverhouse (Leo!), The Visionaire, Dwell 95, Steven Holl's very perforated NYU renovation (right) and the East Village's made-over Stuyvesant Clinic (listed under "What If!"). In Brooklyn, 93 Nevins, BellTel Lofts, Brooklyn Bridge Park and McCarren Pool. In Queens, Richard Meier's zany model museum. [OHNY]