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CurbedWire: Chelsea Starchitecture Erased, New Landmarks!

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WEST CHELSEA?Up at Syracuse University, architect Audrey Matlock is exhibiting some of her recent works, including wavy glassmaster Chelsea Modern at 447 West 18th Street. But in the images on display, the starchitecture next door?Della Valle Bernheimer's 459 West 18th Street?got cut out! What gives? A tipster wonders the same: "Nouvel may be uninterested in speculatively shrinking his tower, such is the symbolism, but Audrey Matlock has done the deed on an existing building. At Syracuse they erased and circumcised her neighbor at 459 West 18th Street. Is this unethical, insecure, fantasy, collegial architectural criticism, or clever developer marketing tactics?! All of the above?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

COLLEGE POINT, MURRAY HILL, WEST VILLAGE?The very active of late Landmarks Preservation Commission has designated the Herman A. and Malvina Schleicher House?a mid-19th century red-brick house in College Point, Queens?a landmark. And in big news for Manhattan preservationists and the women who tolerate them, Murray Hill's Union League Club and the Westbeth Artists Communty (which still has an old piece of the High Line running through it) were calendered for public hearings. The Observer has a bit more on that topic. [CurbedWire Inbox]