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Shocker: Park Avenue Still Ungodly Expensive

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Our compadres over at PropertyShark, bored on a Tuesday afternoon and clearly over this recession thing, decided to throw together a quick study on Manhattan's most expensive streets. They looked at what streets have the highest median listings price for residential properties currently for sale, and Park Avenue?a nondescript and largely unknown thoroughfare dotted by liquor stores and XXX peep shows?was the surprise winner. The Shark also stuck every listing on a big map for your real estate porn perusal convenience. As for that $12.9 million average, we thought we'd have a gander at what that looks like on Park Ave. nowadays. Hint: Rich!

We're looking at three bedrooms, four bathrooms and 11 rooms total of pure Rosario Candela at 765 Park Avenue, asking $12.5 million. Hardly sounds average to us: "A sweeping 29-foot gallery opens onto a sprawling 33-foot corner living room with a woodburning fireplace. Three large windows overlooking Park Avenue and 72nd Street welcome a veritable bouquet of sunshine which beautifully illuminates the room." A veritable bouquet! It's a fierce bit of floorplan porn. Oh, to be average!

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