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CurbedWire: Crosby Street Hotel's Cinema, UWS's Dirty Water

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SOHO?The brand spankin' new and ultra fancy Crosby Street Hotel had a getting-to-know-us cocktail party in its basement last night, and friends, this is no ordinary basement. The sprawling series of meeting rooms (and the movie theater!) was a crazy swirl of colors and art, like what we would imagine Wonderland's most expensive inn to look like. Check out our crappy photos above, including a look at the interior courtyard wedged between Crosby and Lafayette. [CurbedWire Staff]

UPPER WEST SIDE?The scourge of the East Side, brown water, has migrated north and west. A tipster passes along this memo from the management at One Lincoln Plaza: "ATTENTION!! One Lincoln, along with other building's in the area, is experiencing brown water. City agencies have been notified and are working on finding the cause and correcting the problem. Until further notice we recommend that you DO NOT drink the water, use it for cooking, or utilize the washing machines. We will notify you as soon as the water returns to normal. Thank you." Panic!!! [CurbedWire Inbox]