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New Cooper Union Building Continues Its Downward Slide

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Folks, a few quick words on the East Village's new amusement park.

After word (and photos, and video) got out that the Cooper Union Death Star could be used as a slide?interactive starchitecture!?the gatekeepers of Thom Mayne's creation were not too pleased. In fact, this was the result:

But the barricades aren't there all the time, and when they're away, the kids will play. Last night we stumbled upon this ruffian who was giving the new gal a whirl:

He picked up a surprising amount of speed, and for a moment our inner parent came out and we got worried. But he stuck the landing, then told us, "I found this place three weeks ago and now I come here every time I go to St. Marks!" Wait, shouldn't he be drinking a 40oz in Tompkins Square Park after making his St. Marks pilgrimages? How times have changed.
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