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Harlem's Lenox Terrace Ready for Expansion Fight

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Lenox Terrace, of rent-stabilized politicos fame, is courting controversy again. (Some buildings just never learn, do they?) The building's owners, the Olnick Organization, want to expand the complex by more than 1,200 apartments, replacing one-story retail space on the edge of the development. (And helping to bring in some of the income lost by not taking Charlie Rangel's 37 rent-stabilized apartments to market rate.) There have been rumblings of expansion for years, but now the Olnicks have started paying their lawyers heftier fees -- they were up to $26,000 in the last two-month report -- which suggests there's actual document preparation going on. And some tenants have already formed an official opposition group, the Lenox Terrace Association of Concerned Tenants. The group's president, Delsenia Glover, said the proposed addition "will absolutely destroy the quality of life, not only in Lenox Terrace, but in the neighborhood." Battle lines: drawn!
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