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CurbedWire: Harlem House is Deal of Year, WTC Cash Spent

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HARLEM?We love the annual awards handed out by the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY). Not that we care who wins them, we just love that they exist. This year's "Deal of the Year" award went to a pair of Stribling brokers for selling Harlem's Bailey Mansion (right) for $1.4 million in cash. The iconic yet decrepit house was listed for $10 million in 2008, so how is this the so-called Deal of the Year? The Real Deal explains: "The agents faced quite a challenge because the supposedly haunted mansion needed extensive work after having been used as a funeral home and overrun by a pack of wild dogs...Water damage had filled the house with a pungent smell, and the agents said they paid neighborhood homeless people to empty buckets of water from the leaking roof during the rain storms this summer." Selling real estate and creating neighborhood jobs? Bravo! [Real Deal]

WTC?The Port Authority board is getting its rear in gear to make sure the National September 11 Memorial & Museum will be kinda-sorta open on 9/11/11. Today the board took action on several WTC items, including authorizing "a $140 million project for final design and construction of the World Trade Center's street and sidewalk finishes, trees, paving, bollards, streetscape furniture and additional design of Liberty Park, a new park that will span the length of Liberty Street between Church and West streets." [CurbedWire Inbox]