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Only an Artist Can Appreciate This Harlem Townhouse

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[Click to expand! But please don't feed the animals.]

According to just one of its listings, the Harlem brownstone at 22 West 120th Street is owned by an "internationally famous sculptor, designer and artist" who "will lease entire townhouse to connoisseur of the arts." The place is for rent for $11,600/month and for sale for $2.1 million. The owner appears to be this guy, Sandy Starkman, but the whole "internationally famous" angle might be the least interesting thing about this house. For example:

1) The sale listing says it has 40 bathrooms. Sadly, no floorplan included.
2) "Splediferous Sanctuary!"
2) Two fireplaces and radiant floor heating let you "stay toasty au naturel."
4) Decor appears to consist of props lifted from the set of The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Any other thoughts on this animal house?
· Listing: 22 West 120th Street [Halstead]