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Fire Sale on 14th Street Has an Entourage

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Serial real estate dater Jeremy Piven briefly camped out in the penthouse of long-struggling condo building The Prime recently, Jennifer Gould Keil reports, to finagle a free place to stay get a feel for the place before deciding whether to buy it. But that's not the biggest news over at the white elephant of West 14th Street. Keil also reports that apartments in the boutique building in the Chelsea/MePa DMZ are finally selling after about three years of sitting on the market. Indeed, after a massive bit of PriceChopping in June, only two apartments?the $5.9 million penthouse and a duplex priced at $3.19 million?remain online. But check out the final sales prices of the four apartments that have closed. We'd call them huge discounts, but then Jonathan Miller would yell at us and say the reductions are off random list prices, not actual value. But still, wow!

1) #3: Once asking $2.995 million, chopped 23% to $1.975 million in June. Sold: $1.9 million, $843/foot.
2) #5: Once asking $3.275 million, latest ask $2.65 million. Sold: $2 million, $1,131/foot.
3) #7: Once asking $3.525 million, chopped 13% in June to $2.4 million. Sold: $2.075 million, $1,025/foot.
4) #8: Once asking $3.65 million, latest ask $2.8 million. Sold: $2.1 million, $1,196/foot.

So yeah, let's just assume there's room for negotiation on those final two units. Speaking of, here's a look inside that Prime duplex penthouse?with a private roof terrace?that Piven crashed in. Hopefully they washed the sheets:

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