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PriceChopped Minetta Lane House Comes With Free Salad

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Event designer Robert Isabell, who died in July, owned this townhouse at 16 Minetta Lane, which is now asking $3.45 million, reduced from an initial asking price of $3.95 million. In exchange for the moolah, you get: a 2,813-square-foot building with attached carriage house. Inside, there's a concrete staircase, a tent-like roof, a basement hand-chipped by Tibetan-born sherpas from Brooklyn. Then there's that ivy, crawling out the windows on its way to spread Isabell's design principles to the world. Or, as the listing puts it: "It would be of great interest to someone looking for a truly unique home with open air qualities, loft like space and an outdoor living experience." But, then, is any of this surprising coming from the man who reputedly invented blue Christmas lights? We think not.
· Listing: 16 Minetta Lane [Massey Knakal]