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Brooklyn 'Hoods Caught Up in Rezoning Craze

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The not particularly controversial Carroll Gardens downzoning is headed for approval Monday. Eighty-six blocks will be downzoned, capping building heights at 50 feet on side streets and 70 on main streets. At one point in the rezoning process, residents attending a community board meeting actually applauded city officials. The whole thing was just too easy for some local residents, who are now gearing up for a fight against a proposal to expand the Carroll Gardens Historic District instead. "Landmarking is back door to city [control over] our own historic buildings," one resident said. Once it's landmarked, who knows what can happen?!

Over in Boerum Hill, though, other folks seem to be finding Carroll Gardens' pain-free rezoning process an inspiration. The Boerum Hill Association is now clamoring for a rezoning, too. As it stands now, developers can purchase air rights with few height restrictions and property owners can build out on most of their property. A rezoning would cap building heights at 55 feet. Will Boerum Hill become the next Carroll Gardens?
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