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Famed Author Lives in Battery Park City Hell Building!

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Just when we thought all the drama had subsided from the long and twisted tale of Rector Square, a new chapter is written! The condo conversion of the former rental at 225 Rector Place in Battery Park City?abandoned by disgraced bucket-swinging developer Yair Levy, left as a construction war zone for buyers, foreclosed on, etc.?has a celebrity resident. It's memoirist Augusten Burroughs, no stranger to long and twisted tales. And here's the real plot shake-up: He loves the place!

The Times spent some time at home with the eccentric author, and home happens to be a $625,000 studio in Rector Square that Burroughs paid cash for last year. Sure, the 50-plus unit owners "have been tiptoeing around a maze of live wires and drywall in their empty, unfinished halls for nearly a year" and the management situation is still a mess, but Burroughs's apartment itself looks swell, and hey, Statue of Liberty views! Burroughs says he thinks Levy fled the country and refers to the SHVO brokers he dealt with as "sleek creatures in Prada," but the place "fits the person I am." Augusten, buddy, don't be so hard on yourself!
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225 Rector Place

225 Rector Place, New York, NY 10006