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CHUPI (NOT) IN CRISIS: Banker Buys 2nd Palazzo Apartment

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Rumors have been flying for weeks that Palazzo Chupi's triplex penthouse was pulled off the market not because of price adjustments or broker switcheroos, but because of a sale. We couldn't pin down any other info beyond the whispers, because, c'mon, we're talking about Palazzo Chupi here. But hold on to your Gesamtkunstwerk, ladies and gents, because a sale did happen at 360 West 11th. The $10.5 million deal closed on 10/15, but the paperwork just hit the public realm. The buyer is none other than Willian J.B. Brady, the same middle initial enthusiast who became Palazzo Chupi's first buyer back in 2007, when he paid $15.5 million for a lower unit.

Wait, did he just buy a penthouse once priced at $32 million for a third less than he paid for his other pad in the Chupster? Well, Baron von Schnabel has futzed with the unit numbers over time, so we're not quite sure if Unit #5 is the penthouse or the duplex just below or some other as-yet-unrevealed hidden Chupi chamber. It appears the slightly larger duplex listing is still active, and asking $12.95 million. Folks, Mr. Pink is back in business! Guess the place won't have to be pawned?

UPDATE: Max Abelson confirms that Brady bought the penthouse, meaning the $10.5 million sale price is 67% off the original asking price. Feeling. Woozy. Let's relive a little penthouse magic, shall we?

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Above, the floorplan we first had a look at back when the 3,845-square-foot triplex first hit the market for $32 million at the beginning of 2008, about 12,000 asking prices ago. The totally amazing Palazzo Chupi website still has a PDF available of all sorts of penthouse porn. Those white lines they threw in aren't going to stop us! Chupster, we'll love you forever. Don't mess with this, Brady!

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Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014