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Eater Tastings: Empire Diner for Rent, FiDi Grimaldi's in Trouble, Le Souk Finally Defeated

This week's top dish from Eater, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Chelsea: Continuing a bad run of late for neighborhood diners/institutions, the Empire Diner at 210 Tenth Avenue (at 22nd Street) is available for rent, starting in January. But the iconic old-school eatery is a protected landmark, so don't expect it to be sliced up and shipped out of town like the Moondance or Cheyenne.

2) FiDi: The long-in-the-works Manhattan location of Brooklyn pizza icon Grimaldi's may never get off the ground. Despite never opening, Grimaldi's owes over $25,000 in back rent and is being threatened with eviction. Guess the residents of 200 Water Street won't be getting that ridiculous amenity anytime soon.

3) East Village: Scourge of Avenue B Le Souk seems to have used up its nine lives. The much-despised nightclub had its liquor license permanently revoked.

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