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On the Block RESULTS: Mini-Madoff's Condo Makes a Profit

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Last night, the apartment of Arizona-based Ponzi schemer Dan Wise hit the block at a David R. Maltz & Co. auction. (It was, in fact, one of the treasures in Wise's personal real estate stash, in which his victims unknowingly invested.) The folks at Maltz & Co. tell us more than 100 people crowded in for the auction of unit 18F at Midtown's Museum Tower, where there's a Picasso on permanent display in the lobby. The 1BR, 1.5BR condo, for which Wise and his wife paid $1.45 million in 2006, had a suggested opening bid of $750,000. And the highest bid was...$1.575 million, once again really sticking it to the schemers. Too bad this was a bankruptcy auction and not a make-Dan-Wise-more-rich auction.
One other apartment, unit 11B at 1600 Broadway, was also on offer last night. It had a suggested starting bid of $650,000, and the highest bid was a tamer $870,000. Does this mean a Picasso is a more in-demand amenity than a putting green?
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1600 Broadway

1600 Broadway, New York, NY 10013