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As the Apthorp Turns: Dark Age Averted!

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With all the management shakeups at the Apthorp over the past couple years, perhaps it's only natural that somebody forgot to pay the electric bill. A tipster tells us that earlier this week all metered tenants got a letter from Con Ed stating that the Upper West Side landmark was in arrears for between $13,000-$14,000, and if the account wasn't settled by November 21st the electricity would be shut down in the common areas (hallwas, elevators, stairwells, laundry room, etc.) Well, fear not, rent-stabilized Apthorpians, the situation has been remedied.

The above memo has been sent out to tenants claiming that Con Ed will NOT be turning off the power. Maybe they found some cash lying around. Whatever it is, crisis averted! Though, given what some tenants have to say about the building's ongoing renovation, maybe they were hoping the lights would be shut off.
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