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Port Authority Begins Plotting World Trade Center 'Plan B'

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Just because WTC developer/pugilist Larry Silverstein isn't the most active Twitterer in the world doesn't mean there's nothing going on at Ground Zero. Yesterday we mentioned that the Port Authority took action on several WTC items, and the Daily News follows up on one: $20 million was dished out to 14 consultants working on a design study for "Plan B," basically what would happen if Silverstein's Towers 2 and 3 go unbuilt (we're not up to WTC Plan Z yet?). The redesign has nothing to do with the stumpitechture, but rather will look at where to stick the WTC Transportation Hub's mechanicals should Silverstein just vanish into thin air (the various tanks and such are currently supposed to be housed in the lower floors of the two skyscrapers, which also are intended to support Calatrava's bird wings). But besides Towers 2 and 3, there's another new World Trade Center building with a big question mark.

A while back there were rumors and reports that the long-forgotten WTC Performing Arts Center planned next to the Freedom Tower One World Trade Center could move to the current site of the Deutsche Bank Building in order to speed up construction. Of course nothing involving the deconstruction of the Deutsche Bank Building on Liberty Street can be considered speedy, but it's actually supposed to really be gone soon, creating the perfect plot for the Frank Gehry-designed (though yet to be finalized) PAC. But here comes the Downtown Express to report that there are all sorts of complications with changing the plan, and the move seems unlikely to happen. Of course, there are also all sorts of complications with keeping it where its currently planned. Can the Port Authority send $20 million our way for trying to keep up with this stuff?
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