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St. Vincent's Neighbors Give Triangle Park Pointed Feedback

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Down by St. Vincent's, that hotbed of controversy, neighbors have a new worry: the redesign of the St. Vincent's Triangle, a park bounded by the hospital's materials-handling building, Seventh Avenue, and Greenwich Avenue. Right now, the park is not accessible to the public, but that is soon to change! Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates has designed a new public park full of trees in raised planters (because the park sits on top of the materials-handling building's basement) and open 24 hours a day. The design got some positive reactions, but now that the neighbors finally have the park within their grasp, they've got a whole new set of concerns, such as who will hang out there in the "wee hours," and will people who eat lunch there know where to throw away their garbage. They've asked the design firm to come back with drawings that include waste receptacles and "design options for the benches to insure they discourage antisocial behavior," which we assume means including a lot more of those thin metal armrests.
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