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Curbed House Call: Pricing Party at the Silk Building

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Welcome to House Call, in which we take a look at not-so-new but always notable buildings and what they've got on the market.

Up today is the Silk Building, at Noho's 14 East 4th Street, where there are currently six units on the market. The building has been home to Britney Spears, Russell Simmons, Cher, and Keith Richards, but the leftover stardust hasn't been enough to move the apartments, several of which have recently been PriceChopped.

Unit: PH1109
Price: $5,495,000
Stats: 3BR, 4.5BA, 4,400 square feet
The Skinny: Shortly after TV writer and produce Jessica Klein and her husband purchased this apartment from Britney Spears, they tried to rent it out for $32,000 a month. One restaging later, they put the home on the market again for $6.595. The price was chopped to its current level nine months ago. [Listing]

Unit: PH1125
Price: $1,895,000
Stats: 2BR, 2BA, 1,501 square feet
The Skinny: If you must have a penthouse, #1125, which the listing describes as "truly a tearsheet straight from Metropolitan home," is the bargain buy. It's been on and off the market since March and just got its second PriceChop Friday. [Listing]

Unit: 605
Stats: 1BR, 1BA, 1,100 square feet
The Skinny: This apartment hit the market in June for $1.675 million and earlier this month saw its price decreased by 10 percent, or a "HUGE PRICE REDUCTION," as the listing puts it. The apartment can be used for residential use or just as an office, should you need an annex for your penthouse(s). [Listing]
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14 East 4th Street

14 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003