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On the Market: Village Townhouse of Biblical Proportions

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The owners of 92 Charles Street are asking $14.5 million for the 4BR, 4.5BA gut-renovated townhouse, which has a 600-square-foot garden and an elevator. The owner is Armon Bar-Tur, managing director of SafeHarbor Holding, which tried to build Bible Park U.S.A., a $200 million "non-denominational and non-evangelical" amusement park in Tennessee. The park was suspended earlier this year due to local political infighting, but you can buy Bar-Tur's house and create your own biblical park. The second floor, now home to the formal dining and living rooms, might be the perfect place for Bar-Tur's planned Exodus Experience, with "25-foot-high walls of water that serve as a screen showing a dramatic movie depicting the Israelites' departure from Egypt, culminating in a fiery view of Moses and the Burning Bush."

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