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It Happened One Weekend: Faulty Towers, Yankee Stadium Cracks, Stuy Town Questions & Answers, More!

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1) The shoddy, rushed workmanship of the building boom has now come back to bite developers. Lawsuits against sponsors filed by condo owners (such as at Chelsea's Slate Condominiums, right) for water leaks, climate control problems, code non-compliant safety issues and other fun stuff have doubled in the past year. Sure, the glassitechture trend is to blame for some problems, but there's also some out-and-out developer negligence getting revealed. According to one lawyer, one building's pool may have to be removed because it was never DOB-approved. Anybody know the whereabouts of this naughty pool? ['Your New Condo Leaks? Join the Club']

2) Concrete pedestrian ramps in the $1.5 billion new Yankee Stadium are cracking up, and while the cracks may only be cosmetic, repairs still may cost millions. Who's to blame? Well, there's the subcontractor that did the work (barred in 2004 from working on city projects due to mob ties), or maybe the company that was supposed to test the concrete (indicted for faking test results), or maybe Joe Girardi just over-managed all of them. ['Cracks Emerge in Ramps at New Yankee Stadium']

3) The Trumps and Kushners merged over the weekend, until death do them part. Mazel tov! ['Ivanka Trump Weds Jared Kushner']

4) Josh Barbanel attempts to make sense of the Stuy Town decision by penning a Q&A on the court's ruling, and it's helpful, except when it comes to informing tenants when those rent refunds will be coming: "The Court of Appeals left it to the lower courts to determine whether the decision would be applied retroactively, and this could take years of court hearings and legal maneuvering. 'Tenants think they won the lottery,' said Adam Leitman Bailey, a lawyer who represents both tenants and landlords, 'but it might not turn out that way.'" ['Q. and A. on New York Rent Ruling']

5) The NYT's quarterly Key real estate magazine was replaced by the Key real estate supplement a while back, and analyzing the mix of stories has become more interesting than the stories themselves. When the real estate porn returns, it'll mean confidence in the luxury market has returned. This time around? Stories about a stager (potential!), a DIY contractor (hmm...), the Gowanus Canal (uh-oh) and a horribly destructive wildfire (yikes, try again next time). [Key]

6) The Park Slope Food Co-op, ground zero of everything people love/hate about the crunchy neighborhood, gets a lengthy meditative write-up by a member (a poet, naturally) shamed by her suspended co-op membership. Well then, don't skirt your shifts! Or just friggin' shop somewhere else for organic arugula. That would solver every co-op problem. ['Flunking Out at the Food Co-op']

7) A divorcé kept up at night by squealing elevators makes the rounds in Harlem for a two-bedroom co-op in the city's middle-income affordable housing plan. Her $400,000 budget takes her to Beacon Towers, but she doesn't like the whole market-raters-get-the-fancy-stuff setup. She winds up in East Harlem's Maple Court, where it's the Metro-North now keeping her up at night. ['The Hunt/Trading Noises']