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Nobody Likes Roosevelt Island's Main Street

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We wind our day down in the Ibiza of the East River, Roosevelt Island, and on its sorrowful and drab Main Street, which blogger Roosevelt Islander notes "has often been compared to East Berlin prior to the fall of the Wall." But could all that be changing? An exhaustive 54-page report titled Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Study has just been released, and its filled with all sorts of findings on what does (or more appropriately, doesn't) make this shopping corridor tick. Examples:

* Roosevelt Island residents do just 12% of their shopping on the island.
* The existing retail mix on Main Street is failing to capture the new market opportunities afforded by the island’s growing affluent market.
* Main Street suffers from several design flaws.

* Residents have a very negative attitude towards Main Street.OK OK we get it, but really, there's more. The study also recommends six strategies for breathing new life into Main Street, and if you've read this far it must mean you're interested, so click through to study up.
· Roosevelt Island's Main Street Is NYC Version Of Prisoner's Village - Will New Study Bring Master Leaseholder And Change Depressing Drab? [Roosevelt Islander]