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Arrested Development: Dueling Stalled Construction Lists

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Since February, the Department of Buildings' stalled construction sites list, which currently stands at 454 sites, has been the place to go for data on projects that have petered out. But it now faces serious competition from Right to the City-New York, an alliance of community groups that just came out with its own list. The Right to the City list counts 601 sites, and that's only looking at Downtown Brooklyn, Bushwick, Harlem, the Lower East Side, the West Village, adn the South Bronx. Oh, snap! DoBro had the highest stalled projects tally, with 126. The West Village had the lowest, with 59. A more comprehensive report will be coming from the group next year, but it did release the names of a few of the Downtown Brooklyn developments that made the list: Forte and Be@Schermerhorn. Not that we're surprised.
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