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Upper West Side Tells Starchitect How To Do His Job

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As megadeveloper Extell continues adding elements to its Riverside South community along the West Side just north of 59th Street, it should come as no surprise that the biggest piece of that puzzle is generating a touch of controversy. After all, this land was one earmarked for Donald Trump's crazy Television City experiment. We're speaking of course about Riverside Center, five new skyscrapers mixed with open space all designed by Pritzker Prize-winning French architect Christian de Portzamparc. We've seen quite a few early renderings of C-Dep's vision (water scrim, holla!), but what we haven't seen until now are the Riverside Center ideas created by people not hired by Extell to draw up designs. These folks, the Architect's Newspaper reports, met up at a recent Center for Architecture roundtable to share thoughts on how Extell can better serve the area with Riverside Center. Check 'em out above, but note the gallery is BYO Star-Spangled Banner background music.
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