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Williamsburg's Edge Does a Bit of Trash Talking

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The scramble for buyers in over-developed Williamsburg has led some developers and brokers to break ranks and turn on other new projects. Recently, in conversations both on-the-record and off, this snippiness has been directed at the Williamsburg Riviera?the glassy waterfront towers of Northside Piers and The Edge and the massive supply of new condos they represent. A gentle giant can only be poked so many times before he fights back, and The Edge is doing just that. In a press release that heightens the rhetoric, The Edge is "daring prospective buyers to compare it to other New York City developments." This "dare" comes in the form of a 70-item checklist, dubbed The Edge Comparison Sheet, that lays out the megacomplex's features and amenities (waterfall, communal fire pit, two landscaped gardens, etc.) and asks potential buyers to bring the list along to other buildings. To bang home the message, The Edge is offering free car service to potential buyers who wish to visit another building after touring Edgeville's model apartments and sales center. The building will also do your taxes and visit your grandparents in the old folks' home.

The Edge has famously resisted cutting asking prices, even as its big competition next door has pretty much massacred its lineup. Up until now the thinking has been time is on our side, but with early 2010 occupancy creeping up and hundreds of units to sell, well, that's when you'd think the Chopper would make an appearance. Not yet. The cheapest listed unit, a $395,000 studio, is still going for $800 per square foot. And you won't find one item on this list related to price:

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