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Stuy Town Rentpocalypse: Tenants Told to Pay Up

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Confusion reigns at Stuyvesant Town in the wake of last week's landmark court ruling on returning over 4,000 market-rate apartments back into the warm embrace of rent-stabilization. For example, let's say someone wanted to rent a Stuy Town apartment right now. Not gonna happen. And when will that change? Check back later. And just to add to the madness, there is now a second Stuy Town FAQ countering some information reported in the first FAQ. This latest explainer was sent out by the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association, and it addresses a fairly serious matter: Should market-rate tenants pay their November rent in full? The courts just ruled that those rents are improperly high, but the TA says pay up while everything gets sorted out.

Here are the relevant bits of the Tenants Association's e-mail blast:

We Won So What is Next? First, everyone needs to understand that we are in uncharted territory right now. "Instant Information" is not possible and is possibly detrimental as illustrated by the final point in New York Times 'J-51 Q and A', published the day after the decison. (The piece incorrectly suggests tenants file a Rent Overcharge Application with DHCR.)

Right now, Mr. Schmidt, your Tenants Association and the office of Dan Garodnick are working together to formulate a Frequently Asked Questions document to answer many of the questions you may have. This document will be posted on our website and distributed through this email list as soon as possible.

So please sit tight and give us TIME to create a quality and accurate communication on the next steps.

In the meantime, here is some immediate advice from the attorney for the case, Mr. Schmidt:

1) Do Not File a DHCR Rent Overcharge Application
As Mr. Schmidt has advised in the past, tenants who file this document might be forfeiting their rights to be a member of the Class as well as other benefits.

2) Market Rate Tenants Should Pay Their Rent in Full on November 1st
Mr Schmidt advises MR tenants to pay their rent in full until the case has had a chance to work it's way through the initial judicial administrative process where these questions will be dealt with.

Hopefully the promised third FAQ will include more solid information, such as the exact date we can expect the fourth FAQ.
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