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Design Expert Really Hates Your Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

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With Ayn Rand references and peeping Tom statutes in tow, design smarty pants Steven Heller takes aim in the Design Observer at the lasting hallmark of our dearly departed building boom: Glassitechture. Near the start of his essay, he writes: "Why would anyone want their intimate life exposed to any peeping Tom, Dick or Harry? In other words, what were the architects thinking? And why are so many developers buying into this aesthetic?" He answers his own questions: Because the floor-to-ceiling glass makes small apartments feel bigger, and the architectural models look cool! But what about the poor folks who end up living in these glass houses? They are breakers of the law...of good design! He writes:

But inhabited buildings are never as pristine as the model, not everyone has the same window coverings (if at all.) Often furniture, which would ordinarily be placed in front of walls are backed up to the windows. Moreover, I’ve passed buildings where residents have even thrown up bed sheets to block out the sun and unwanted gazes. But most of the apartments in my neighborhood do not even attempt to cover-up. Speaking as an involuntary peeping Tom the windows are invitations for leering and are as provocative as the sensational photographs and headlines on the New York Post.Compelling argument, even if scientific studies prove he's in the minority.
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