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Hipster Media Magnate Picks $2M East Village Flower

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Our obsession with the East Village's Flowerbox Building borders on vice, so it's only appropriate that the verdant boutique condo building that brought $5 million living to Avenue D is now home to someone who got rich pursuing the concept. Suroosh Alvi, co-founder of Vice magazine and its spin-off mini empire, just bought a 2,319-square-foot apartment in the self-irrigating East 7th Street flower child for $2.125 million?a cool $250,000 less than the seller paid for the apartment two years ago. Max Abelson's mention of a private backyard leads us to believe this cutie is the condo that traded hands, meaning previous reports on the apartment's size were a bit overstated. In Vicespeak, that yard is a Do.
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259 e7th st, New york, NY 10009