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CurbedWire: Bronx's Pedestrian 'Maul,' McStarck's New Glass

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SO BRO?We had our fun with one ugly suburban-style big box mall today, but our friends at Streetsblog dropped us a line to chide us for missing their take on another piece of GreenbergFarrow magic, the Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market. Streetsblog refers to the place as a "pedestrian maul" and takes some shots at developer Related for making the place so pedestrian-unfriendly despite most customers taking public transportation to get there. But aren't those thousands of wasted parking spaces required by zoning? Mallrats, let us know. [Streetsblog]

GRAMERCYISH?Our fascination with all things McStarck leads us to reprint this tip regarding East 23rd Street's Gramercy by Starck: "340 East 23rd Street (Gramercy by Starck) is already undergoing window replacement this month, less than a year after opening. They currently have a large construction shed set up in front of the building." Well, as long as the delivery truck aren't a problem... [CurbedWire Inbox]