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East Village Mystery Lot Now Even More Haunted

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The huge debris-strewn lot between East 13th and 14th Streets and Second and Third Avenues, dubbed the Milstein Mystery Lot in honor of the real estate family that has sat on the prime property for years (decades?), has received a touch of Halloween spirit! Check out the arts-and-craftsy spiderwebs affixed to its barbed wire. The kids'll love it! There was intrigue back in 2007 when word spread that the rubble pit was actually going to be developed as an eight-story condo building. The excitement grew as the lot got some new peekaboo barriers. Those are now long gone, and the eight-story building was actually built on the 13th Street property next to the Milstein Mystery Lot. It's finished, it's a rental, and we've got the deets.

We got on the horn with Weichert Realtors after spotting the number on the banner. The building is still waiting on its C of O, but move-ins may happen in December. There are around 30 units in the building, and they'll rent from the second floor up to the sixth, then the first floor and penthouse level. Prices: 1BRs will likely start at $2,395, 2BRs at $3,100. That's for the lower floors. So there's one mystery solved. As for the big lot next door, try back in another 10 years.

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