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Construction Watch: East Harlem's Gigantic Mall Thing

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The East River Plaza megamall has plenty of people talking, especially with its first big-box store, Costco, set to open in two weeks. (Target, Best Buy, Marshall's, etc. to follow). Long in the making, the huge facility hugging the FDR Drive between East 116th and 119th Streets has some in East Harlem thinking El Barrio will soon be El Muerto, thanks to the expected crush of traffic?there's parking for over 1,200 cars?and other big-box side effects. We've dabbled in the doings of East River Plaza for years, but rather shamefully, we've yet to share pictures of the rising behemoth of bargains. Thankfully an Uptown tipster was willing to educate us. There are a bunch of looks around the mall's perimeter in the gallery above, and you can almost feel SpaHa's excitement popping right out of the photos and into your eye holes.
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Target East River Plaza

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