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CurbedWire: Cooper Square Hotel Tags Itself!

EAST VILLAGE?The East Village's favorite new glamorous boutique hotel is at it again. But what exactly is "it?" A crew was spotted adding some sort of graffiti artwork to the big wall facing East 5th Street today, and at the end of the day we're still a bit uncertain of the message the Coop is trying to convey. EV Grieve think it's a Homer Simpson tribute. artistic mediums. [CurbedWire Staff]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?According to a press release, you can add DoBro condo conversion BellTel Lofts to the list of new developments where the sponsors are picking up the closing costs, which come out to about 5% of the purchase price for residences under $1 million. Want a bit of brokerbabble? OK! "The Brooklyn market is beginning to strengthen and new inventory in the $500,000 to low $1 millions is drawing more attention. BellTel has released 15 new units in this range."